The blazon and the returned town laws were provided to Ukmergė by the king of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis on 22 May 1792. The blazon was described in the Act of Restoration of Town Laws and it was declared that such a blazon was chosen by the citizens. Specialists of heraldry explain the symbolism of the blazon as follows: the ruined but renewable house signifies the lost, but regained rights of citizens; the heart is a symbol of hope; the book is the law of towns on the ground of which Ukmergė regained its town laws; the calf on the right side of the book is the royal sign of the Poniatovskiai; the rose with five leaves on the left side of the book is a family sign of J. Kučevskis, the then governor of Ukmergė.

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