The town of Ukmergė is the administrative centre of the district. Local authorities, majority of services, industrial and business enterprises are concentrated in town. The area of Ukmergė covers 20.45 square kilometres. The town is divided to residential quarters of Senamiestis (Old town), Pašilė, Pivonija, Dukstyna and Pramonė (Industrial). There are 12 administrative units in Ukmergė district, i.e. the one of the town of Ukmergė, of Deltuva, Vidiškiai, Siesikai, Pivonija, Taujėnai, Želva, Pabaiskas, Vepriai, Šešuoliai, Lyduokiai and Žemaitkiemis. Residents are provided with information and being consulted in the administrative units, documents and certificates are issued.

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