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Born on 9August 1966 in Anykščiai. In 1974, Rolandas and his family moved to the town of Taujėnai in Ukmergė district.


In 1984, Rolandas graduated from Taujėnai high school.
He later joined Ulyanovsk High Command Military Communication School.

In 1988, he graduated and acquired the specialty of Multi-channel Communications Engineer.

He served as a part of government military communication unit in Kodyma, Odessa region, Ukraine.
In 1991, Rolandas voluntarily left the Soviet Army and returned to Lithuania.
In 1995, he was awarded with military rank of reserve senior lieutenant of Volunteer National Defence Service of Vilnius ATG team.
In 2009-2012, he studied at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and earned Master’s degree of Investment Management.

Work experience

In 1991, he started working as an electrician in state-owned Kaunas Post, Telephone, Telegraph Company - Ukmergė District Communications Centre.
In 1992-1997, he worked as an electrician in Ukmergė telecommunications service.
In 1997-2001 – electro-installer, specialist at AB “Lietuvos telekomas” Ukmergė Client Service Group.
In 2001-2004 - specialist at UAB “Comliet” Ukmergė Operational Branch of Kaunas Region.
In 2004-2008 - AB “Lietuvos telekomas” (later AB TEO LT) Ukmergė Customer Service Manager.
In 2008-2011 - Deputy Director of Ukmergė District Municipality administration, responsible for investment management.
In 2011-2013 - Director at Ukmergė branch of Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.
In 2013-2015 - Deputy Mayor of Ukmergė Region Municipality.

2015 onwards - Mayor of Ukmergė Region Municipality.

Political activity

Since 2003, Rolandas is a member of the Labour party.
In 2004, he was elected as a Vice-Chairman of the Labour Party Ukmergė Division, member of the Council's Division.
In 2007, he was elected as a member of Municipal Council of Ukmergė Region.
In 2011, he was re-elected for a second term as the member of Municipal Council of Ukmergė Region.
In 2012, he as elected as a Chairman of the Labour Party Ukmergė Division. 
In 2013, he was elected as the Deputy Mayor of Ukmergė Region Municipality.

In 2015, Rolandas was elected as the Mayor of Ukmergė Region Municipality.

Public activities

Since 1995 - active member of Taujėnai community, Deputy Chairperson of the Pastoral Council of Taujėnai Parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. 
In 2004-2012 - Chairman of the High School Council of Taujėnai, Ukmergė Region.
In 2006-2007 - publicly elected Education Board Chairman of Ukmergė Region.
In 2008-2015 - Community Chairman of Taujėnai town, Board member of Ukmergė local action group.

2011 - laureate of the competition “Lietuvos kaimo spindulys 2011”.
Since 2011 onwards - Member of Ukmergė Active Businessmen Club.

Since 2015 onwards - Member of Ukmergė Rotary Club.

Marital status

Married. Wife Jolanta. Children Arvidas, Silvija, Lolita.


Theatre, music, sports.


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