Investment environment

Geographical position

Area of Ukmergė district - 1395 km2;

29 percent of the territory is covered by the forest and 55 percent are the utilities of agriculture.
The territory of Ukmergė - 20, 45 km2
Population in the beginning of 2017 - 35,372, 21,226 of them reside in the city and 14,146 in the rural places.
Distance to the airports:  

Vilnius ~ 80 km, Kaunas ~ 55 km, Palanga ~ 290 km.
Distance to railway ~ 20 km
Distance to Klaipėda sea port ~ 270 km.

There is Šventoji River flowing through Ukmergė city. Ukmergė city is about 70 km from the big cities of Lithuania - Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevėžys and Utena. Ukmerge district is crossed by one the biggest motorway in Lithuania - A2 Vilnius - Panevėžys - Riga, which connects Tallinn with Minsk and a motorway A6 Kaunas - Utena, which connects Warsaw with St. Petersburg.

Convenient geographical position of the city makes perfect conditions for the coming of economical, entertainment, and tourism development and the new big companies tot he district. Ukmergė is a favourable investment area for the developing and creation of the business.




Demographic position 

According to the information from statistics department, there were 35 372 residents living in Ukmergė district in the beginning of 2017, 21,226 of them lived in the city and 14,146 in the rural areas. The population of Ukmergė district forms 1, 24 percent of the population of the entire country. There is the tendency in decreasing of the population observed in the entire country. During the period of 2007-2017, there decreased 12, 33 percent of population in the country.


The change of the population in Ukmergė district in 2017-2017

Situation in the labour market


Dynamics of the percentage of the residents from the working age during the period of 1 January of 2007-2017.

Operating farming subjects


In the beginning of 2017, there were 739 farming subjects in Ukmergė district. The main industrial branches of Ukmergė district include wood processing, wood product and furniture production, sewing industry and metal processing industry. The majority of the companies (above 70 percent) are located in Ukmergė city; there is one-fourth of the companies operating in the rural areas.


The distribution of the companies to the economic activities


More than two thirds of companies in the district provide the services, which major part performs the trade.


Companies to the nature of business:


List of wood processing companies

List of construction companies

List of agriculture companies

List of metal processing companies

List of sewing companies

List of food industry companies

List of other companies

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