There are 19 schools of general education, including 2 gymnasiums and 6 secondary schools, in the district. Besides, 2 institutions of special education and 2 institutions of non-formal education operate here. Ukmergė School of Technologies and Business prepares specialists of more than 20 various professions. Teachers of Music Division of the School of Arts teach children the secrets of music; the school takes an active participation in various international and national musical projects; its trainees also perform successfully in international and national competitions for young musicians. Art Division of the School of Arts, which constantly arranges exhibitions of its students and creative actions, participates in local, national and international exhibitions and competitions. Its trainees have won quite a few diplomas and certificates, some of them seek for successful professional career in art institutions of higher education. Groups of basketball, football, judo, ping-pong, swimming, chess, power-lifting, triathlon and the one for disabled persons operate in the Sport Centre of Ukmergė. A lot of famous athletes have been educated in the centre and lots of victories have been gained in the country, abroad or in the Olympic Games.

                      Photo by: Dainius Vytas

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