Ukmergė is one of the oldest towns in Lithuania, formation of which was started with the state of Lithuania. Official date of its foundation is 1333. Legends, inwrought with historical facts, remind an ancient name of the town, Vilkmergė. Once there lived a witchdoctor in the forest. She was called Vilkmergė. The son of duke Dausprungas, Tautvilas, was attacked by wolves while hunting in that forest. The young man was saved from death by a pretty girl, the witchdoctor. She tamed and chased away the ravening wolves. Duke Dausprungas built a castle on the mound, on the bank of the river Šventoji and named it Vilkmergė after the witchdoctor. Soon the town started establishing at the foot of the mound.

Today Ukmergė is one of major towns – municipality centres. Only a few old towns in Lithuania have survived till nowadays devastation of time and hardships and the old town of Ukmergė is among them. Its adornment is the mound, surrounded by the stream Ukmergėlė. Once upon a time a masonry castle stood on the hill. A gross park reminds it at present. The main streets of the town meet at the central Kęstučio square. The administration of Ukmergė district municipality, the District Court, the Holy Trinity Church, Regional museum, Tourism and Business Information Centre, banks, insurance companies and shops are located around the square. The town has been expanding in various directions, retaining the old architecture and varying it with the new one.

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